About Us

New Zealand

www.festoolshop.co.nz is a Website portal created for those enthusiastic Festool fans. It is owned by Carbatec New Zealand and its purpose is to give a specialised Festool experience.

Carba-Tec New Zealand Limited is the licensed distributor of Carbatec products in New Zealand. We opened in 2003 and have enjoyed selling high quality tools and machinery to many enthusiastic woodworkers ever since.

We are passionate about high quality tools and Festool is a favourite product of ours. We are pleased to be an authorised Festool dealer and love the positive feedback we receive from our happy Festool customers.

We have a 700 sq metre show room in East Tamaki so if you enjoy our websites your should come and see the showroom !!!

How it all began in Australia

Geoff Lowe launched Carbatec® from his Brisbane garage in 1987. Since this time it has fundamentally remained a family business in Australia. Carbatec® outgrew its home-based premises and opened its first showroom in 1989. Developing new tools and machines became a feature of the business and the Carbatec® Mini Lathe was born. New products are also a feature of each new edition of the catalogue, bringing the best and most innovative products from around the world to Australia.

The family team at Carbatec® set out to provide tools not previously available in Australia and they comb the globe to find these to make available to the Australian market. They also set out to deliver these tools at value for money prices with world class service for all types of woodworkers from beginners to skilled craftsmen. So no matter your skill level, we have the product, service and expertise to suit you.

Our commitment to quality and service is also seen in our current retail stores in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide as well as our licensed stores in Perth, Launceston, Hobart and Auckland, all of which maintain Carbatec’s® core values. If you’re not in reach of a local store we have our online store as well as an extensive network around the country of independent dealers with access to the Carbatec® range of products.

Our future vision

Carbatec is proud of its heritage as a leading retailer of woodworking tools and machinery. We believe that one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences in life is creating something with your own hands, especially with something as beautiful and unique as timber. We believe that our mission as a company is to provide our customers with the tools, knowledge and resources to do just that - in an authentic, engaging and innovative way.

Part of our future vision is to inspire people in the community to foster partnerships, learn new skills, share their passion and get the most out of their woodworking. We are starting the journey towards achieving this and in becoming The Home of Woodworking – where customers' needs and experiences are paramount.

In October 2014 we launched a new logo and brand for the first time since Carbatec was founded…. this new identity signifies the beginning of this journey.

We hope you like our new look.