Trend Snappy Counter Sink Set for Festool

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Trend Code SNAP/F/CS/SET

Trend Snappy Centrotec compatible drill/csk 5pc set

Festool Centrotec compatible shank fitting.

* Five piece drill countersink set with bit holder.
* Heat treated tool steel countersink with a HSS drill.
* Adjustable for different length screws and can produce a 9.5mm (3/8 inch) diameter or 12.7 mm (1/2 inch diameter counterbored hole for woodplugs.
* The drills produce pilot holes only.
* Dual groove shank fitting bit holder for standard quick chucks and also Festool Centrotec compatible shank fitting.
* Magnetic holder with No.2 Pozi 25mm insert bits.
* Bit holder body made from Chrome Vanadium steel for longer life with Stainless Steel barrel.

- 1 x 2.38mm (5/64") drill countersink
- 1 x 2.75mm (7/64") drill countersink
- 1 x 3.25mm (1/8") drill countersink
- 1 x 3.5mm (9/64") drill countersink
- 1 x Double groove bit holder with No.2 Pozi
- 1 x Hex key

Shank Diameter Centrotec
Softwood No.6 to No.12
Hardwood No.4 to No.10
Drill dia. 238mm to 3.5 mm
Countersink dia. 9.5 mm & 12.7 mm
Bit holder dia 10 mm
Bit holder overall length 75 mm
Insert bit size No.2 Pozi

About Trend;
Trend is a well established English company that has been designing and developing router technologies since 1955 and during this time they have built a recognised brand with a strong reputation for high quality. They are based in Watford, United Kingdom.