New Product Announcement

  • Festool TKS-80 has arrived in NZ

    Date: 04-02-2021
    The new Festool TKS-80 Tablesaw has arrived. Click on the title above.
  • Festool's new CT pre-separator CT-VA-20 has arrived

    Date: 06-03-2019
    This exciting new product uses cyclone style technology to separate high volumes of dust and chips before it enters your Festool CT dust extractor.
  • TSO Guide Rail Squares Now Available in NZ

    Date: 03-08-2017
    There's no quicker way to square your FESTOOL®, MAKITA® & TRITON® track saws. Until now, accessories for squaring up your track saw guide rail relied on the loose-tolerance T-slot found on just about every guide rail. To overcome this inherent inaccuracy, you had to rely on a separate reference square, plus a combination of loose parts like T-bars, hex bolts, knobs or wingnuts. Not any longer! The patent-pending GRS-16 PE are completely self-contained and self-aligning, thanks to an innovative, high strength integral draw latch mechanism. Simply slide the GRS-16 PE onto your guide rail, lock the draw latch, and you're done. Five seconds to square. Once secured to your guide rail, squareness can be quickly verified by observing the zero-clearance attachment between the square and guide rail. Click on the title above to view